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About Me

Originating from China, the American journey began at 17, high school years in Pennsylvania. Subsequently, went to New York, Pace University to major in Business Management.

Passionate about fashion and art, post-graduation led to a decision to further studies at Parsons School of Design, specializing in Fashion Design.


The interweaving of music, fashion, and literature served as a picturesque inspiration for designs. Rooted in a profound study of historical garments, the design philosophy integrates historical backgrounds and craftsmanship, bestowing a unique depth and meaning to endeavors in fashion design.

As a young creative, professional ethics and resilience have been forged through practical experience. Firmly believing in the ceaseless effort and dedication required in both work and creative pursuits, prioritizing attention to design details and aesthetics, infusing works with meaningful and human-centric functionality.

Specializing in the fashion industry, the amalgamation of skills, talents, and a fervent interest in other creative domains shapes the present professional identity. The continuous exploration of potential and the pursuit of unknown possibilities propel forward momentum. Through design, there is an aspiration to inject fresh vitality and inspiration into the realm of fashion, delving into uncharted creative territories and achieving greater excellence.

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