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youth astray

Project type

Fashion design


May 2023


New York

I refrain from employing pejorative terms such as "delinquent," "punk," or "hippie." Instead, the phrase "youth astray" encapsulates my interpretation of this collection, portraying a disenchanted teenager adrift in the present and uncertain about the future. These individuals yearn for admiration and immerse themselves in concerns related to appearance, social status, and behavior. Non-conventional practices such as engaging in physical altercations, smoking, and alcohol consumption become ingrained in their routine. The deliberate cultivation of an existence designed to instill fear serves as a manifestation of their underlying intentions. The physiological cycles inherent to human development, governed by hormonal fluctuations, intersect with the demands of academia and societal norms, consuming the youth caught between the pages of textbooks and the constraints of regulations. Consequently, the glorification of violence and rebellion within this context resonates profoundly, evoking instinctual and primal reactions.

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